7 Ways Blogging can Help Boost Your Ecom Store Sales


Blogging is one of the most efficient and affordable content marketing techniques used by many Ecom stores today. A blog carries vital information about products that viewers desire to know. When the blog post is optimized and is able to clarify the purpose, it leads to an increase in sales. If you are not sure how blogging can help your business, read on.

1. Assist people in choosing the products suited to them

How do customers know about the various products available online? Not all know how to choose the right products that suit their needs. Blogging can educate people about the products that you sell and which may be of need to them.

Blog posts that delve deep into describing the various products and how to use them can help the customers a great deal. Your blogs should specifically cover your area of expertise. For example, THO is a one-stop Ecom solution for work-from-home furniture needs. Its blog should focus on the variety of products on offer and how they can help people working from home. The target audience is people who work from home, and they are guided to choose the best ergonomic furniture.

There may be so many products listed on your Ecom store. You can create a blog on how to pick the right one for each of these product categories. A product demo video can also be embedded on your blog to attract attention.

Your blogs should maintain a balance between being informative as also interesting. Make it lively and thereby help augment your Ecom store sales.

2. Blogs can make your store popular

With the help of an attention-grabbing blog, you can become viral. Your store will come into the limelight, and this can assist in bringing more customers. Once you make amazing content, the likelihood of it being shared increases multifold.

Within no time your blog will become viral and generate more leads. It can result in greater conversions. So, the more people viewing your blog, the more the number that visits your Ecom store. To do this, first, you should create a strong presence on social media.

Content is the king and choosing the right channel creates an excellent reach. Social media marketing is one of the proven strategies to improve sales in the present times. Maintain a strategy for your social media to reap the best results.

People start liking your blog when they find the information about the product you sell, useful to them. Many potential customers who are impressed by your blog will soon visit your e-store to buy products. Blogging about your products can substantially increase your sales. The Ecom store Zepto, for example, through its video blog explains how quick and fresh you get groceries and vegetables delivered as if fresh from the farm. This kindles the attention of people and leads them to download the app at once.

3. A blog creates a human connection with your store

Your blogs create a personality for your Ecom store. Whenever someone looks for products online and buys through some portals, they do so without knowing the face behind the store. This does not create a personal connection and is done just as a sale.

Blog posts are friendly and carry a personal tone with them. They create a good rapport with the buyer and stimulate them to buy the product. The customers now know the face behind the product they love and are able to associate with it better than before.

Blogs are also interactive since the customers can comment and get replies for the same. They can make you aware of what they desire from your products or services. Blogging can significantly improve traffic to your Ecom store because of this reason.

Make it a point to create interesting content that keeps the viewers hooked. When you establish a human touch through the blogs, you are sure to retain the customers for a long time.

4. Blogs stay relevant for a long

The blogs that you post on your website stay forever and can be visited at any time. The content stays relevant for a long. This is unlike any news or live stream whose relevance is short-lived. The users can search for these posts and read them whenever they wish if they find the content important.

So by creating blogs that are informative and timeless, you retain more traffic to your website. When the blog speaks about product descriptions it can stay evergreen since these are the products that are listed on your website.

Make sure you provide a link to the products in the blog post. This way, you can take the viewers to the products as soon as interest is kindled in them. The viewers also come to read about various products available since your blog will be the one-stop place to know the same. If you are also into making videos for YouTube, it can be highly useful to bring to light old blogs that people may have forgotten. Create a link to your old blogs on the YouTube video and instill interest in the viewer by asking them if they had missed seeing it earlier.

5. Blogs create trust in your store

Your blogs can help you earn credibility through the genuine guidance that you provide. When viewers understand that they get authentic reviews that help in making decisions, they develop trust in you. This will help to improve your sales.

You get an edge over your competitors in this way. Due to the heavy competition prevalent, there lies a necessity to stay ahead of the competitors. Blogging helps as it is one of the powerful marketing strategies. The content is prepared to meet the needs of a specific target audience.

Once trust is built in the customers, they stay with you in business for a long time. This implies that your Ecom business is set to flourish in the long run. The inbound marketing technique first tries to attract strangers to the blog. With the help of an informative blog, they are kept hooked and engaged with the website. This will lead to purchases ultimately.

For this, first, you have to identify your target audience and plan your blogs accordingly. Your audience depends on the products and services you sell through your Ecom store.

6. Blogs help your site rank better

It is interesting to note that blogging can provide your Ecom store with SEO benefits. It will help your website rank for search terms that are relevant to your products. Through keywords that are placed in your content, you can get a better reach. When people search for those keywords, your website will appear at the top of the list.

Creating a title that is keyword friendly is highly beneficial. The blog should also contain relevant information and answer key questions that the customers may have. To achieve this, keyword research should be performed by the content marketing team to find out the most viable words and phrases.

When your site ranks better it leads to better sales. There will be a greater buzz for your site because of this. When you have so many products listed on your site, it may not be possible to highlight each of them. But you can create a blog with a link to each of these types of products using a keyword. When a Google search for the relevant word is done, it leads to the blog and thereby the product page. For example, a person may search ‘how to find footwear suited for parties’ and if you have a blog post for this phrase, it will rank your page first.

7. Blogs help you keep up to date with the market

Your blog is the perfect place to react to any new product launch or any industry news that may be of use to the customers. For example, if you are an Ecom store dealing with electronic gadgets, you should keep track of trends in this industry. If any leading brand like Samsung or Apple is planning a new launch, a blog post on the same can create interest.

You can give out the key features that are expected of the new launch and drive your viewers to pre-book the products. This way, people who are on the lookout for such information are instantly hooked. It can lead to an increase in sales at your Ecom store.

The type of products you deal with is immaterial. If it is educational and can create leads, then it is highly useful for your business. Instructional posts, information on updates, ‘how to’ posts, all these help to stay with the trend. Viewers will reach out to your blog as they see you as an authority for information on products they want.


Now that you know the immense benefits your blog posts can bring about for your Ecom store, what should you wait for? Start creating wonderful blogs and keep influencing people. Make sure you have a dedicated team that can help create engaging content to make your brand viral.

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