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TheWrongPlan is a fastest News Technology Resource for guest bloggers. Here you can write any of the topics which are related to be write for us Business, education, Social Media, Blogging, Mobile Apps, Android/Ios, and Digital Marketing. If you write quality research content and make your title more interesting and specific will get the better result from guest posts and get huge website traffic from your guest blogging.

We aimed to develop a single platform for our esteemed users, or authors, with the “Write for us in technology, write for us business and other niches.” Our platform is a major name in new gadget releases, the Internet of Things (IoT), numerous digital marketing methods, AI, Robotics, and some practical business concepts.

Our unified website serves as an ideal platform for tech writers, enthusiastic bloggers, and intelligent authors who want to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively.

We offer our acclaimed writers to offer a fantastic guest post on our website, revealing their expertise on many tech themes and other areas to enlighten our loyal readers who enjoy learning and reading new things.

Our Goals and Objectives

Our vision is to build a two-pronged strategy that benefits our readers and our writers, to offer accurate, authentic, and sensible information and ideas to read.

Our writers use accurate information to give each guest’s post some worth and purpose. Our team of authors is allowed to voice their opinions and contributions to the frequent advancements and technical achievements.

Our goal is to build a knowledge base that keeps our readers informed about the latest ideas and solutions so that we can stay on top of current trends. This leads to a life that is focused on the future.

Here’s Why You Should Contribute a Guest Post to Our Site

A guest post contribution from your company on our website would yield the best results, and we’re here to explain why.

  1. A well-known website

Thanks to years of experience and a technologically advanced organization, we have a name in the industry. You will gain global visibility while writing for us.

  1. Increased traffic production

You don’t need to put in much effort to get backlinks if your website and business are well-known. Your guest post contribution can help you get more leads by developing significant backlinks through our website. It could be one of the most pivotal events in your blog’s history.

  1. We give you exposure to a variety of methods.

Guest writing with us has a significant social benefit, and it would all come down to lead generation and ten-fold social exposure with us. We promote your blog contributions on numerous social media channels to increase their visibility.

  1. Getting noticed and gaining traction

You will never have to be concerned about being spotted while working with us. We bring the best to the table so that you may establish traction with your target audience and achieve the recognition that you desire for your company.

As a result, always consider us to gain exposure through our holistic approach.

Our Range of Topics to Work on

  1. Technology

We would provide you with a broader category of technology-related themes to work on to improve your writing talents. Data integration, nanotechnology, cloud computing, cyber security, science technology, and artificial intelligence are some of the themes covered.

  1. Business

Work on data security, job sculpting, outsourcing, organography, short term finance, brand awareness, and telemarketing, among other things, with our “write for us business” domains.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

You can work on WhatsApp marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, digital copywriting, content marketing, and digital advertising as part of our “write for us digital marketing” columns, among other things.

What Do We Expect from Our Esteemed Writers?

Following the rules or guidelines provided is always a good idea. We’re here to simplify things for you by breaking down our recommendations into a few easy steps.

  1. Superiority

Our writers are expected to produce a well-researched and high-quality guest article that helps them and us. The guest post’s material must be genuine, well-researched, and systematically worded and arranged to appeal to the target audience.

  1. Be imaginative

The internet is now overflowing with informational resources. We expect your material to stand out in ingenuity and creativity to compete in this age of fierce competition. Put in some unique and appropriate titles that convey the gist of the content entirely to attain the factor of creativity.

  1. Genuineness

Another stringent criterion that we always emphasize is the originality and genuineness of the guest post’s content. The content must be completely free of plagiarism. It must have a minimum word count, with the maximum depending on your writing style and the information you want to convey.

  1. Providing relevant materials

The reader is always bored with written material that lacks pictures. Try to use copyright-free photos in your work. Your readers will understand the context of your material better if you include photos.

Once you’ve finished writing the article, the following step is to send it to us by email. The article must be submitted as a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document.

Before the article is published, there are numerous stages, from technical verification to final editing and posting. It stays with us indefinitely once it is uploaded.

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